The Joy of Birds (not directly about words)

It’s been a good bird week. In our yard alone, in addition to the brown-headed cowbirds, chipping sparrows, house finches, downy woodpeckers, hairy … The Joy of Birds (not directly about words)

Elementals #8

Elementals #8 This week I’m sharing a taste of my neighborhood walks. I don’t get out to the state parks much anymore, so I try to get my nature time… Elementals #8

Touch Of Love

This post is a bit different then most here on my blog. While viewing my Gifts from Mother today, I invite you to play the song below, sung by a very… Touch Of Love

Burn for You

He was strong and capable, and right here, right now, it felt like he could actually protect her from all the slings and arrows people might hurl at … Burn for You

Neither here nor there

I will never take advantage of you here,have mine I will never take you for granted Please, take all of my time I will always give you love there, … Neither here nor there

My Love

The days draw painfully long, my love without you in it The night a torturous silence, my love when you are not in my bed A meal for two, my love is … My Love

Go with the (spring) Snow!

Today, four days past the middle of March, I waken to the dreaded four-letter word. S N O W. But I decide to shovel away my disgruntlement of another… Go with the (spring) Snow!

When is a dandelion not a dandelion?

One answer to the question in today’s title is when it’s silverpuff, Chaptalia texana. As similar as its seed head is to that of a dandelion, nobody … When is a dandelion not a dandelion?