Viva La Love Revolution!

Before I begin this post, I have a mystery, one when I saw it, I knew was impossible, yet before my very eyes there it was. If anyone can explain the… Viva La Love Revolution!

All Masks Are Off

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m happy about this announcement, I just don’t trust it since, short of asking the mask-less to see their vaccination card, … All Masks Are Off

Present Circumstances

New York, on her knees, is finally getting up. Atta girl, we say, since after September 11th, next she’ll be taking up Sumo wrestling… PANDEMIC, … Present Circumstances

A little bit of Heaven (170)

Cherry Tree Blossoms A little bit of Heaven painted with cherry tree blossoms. Photos by me With Love, Manuela Copyright © 2021… A little bit of Heaven (170)

Yucca high, yucca low

Inks Lake State Park; May 6; Yucca sp. How about those lines and shadows? © 2021 Steven Schwartzman Yucca high, yucca low

Valley Spring Creek Waterfall

Another water feature we visited for the first time at Inks Lake State Park on our May 6th visit was the Valley Spring Creek Waterfall. The view … Valley Spring Creek Waterfall

A trick that works

Hi gang, Craig with you again. I’ve been toying with something I think you’ll be interested in. First you get some background. When I started writing… A trick that works

Muted by the Tiny

Sunset is no longer beautifulAs it reminds me of flamesThat wolfed many humans. The smoke of cremationsChanged its radianceEven hues of the sky seem … Muted by the Tiny

Man, am I dreaming?

Let me look at you, before you get undressed. Less is not always more, more is sometimes best. In your tailored attire, adorned with a Guccie tie, … Man, am I dreaming?

Is Self Love Being Selfish? Part 1

Welcome fellow souls to « The Human Family Crash Course Series, » a new project collaborated together by and … Is Self Love Being Selfish? Part 1