Keep Exercise On Your ToDo List Part 2

We’ve all been taught from a young age to fit in a little regular exercise. You know it’s good for both your body and your mind. But when your day … Keep Exercise On Your ToDo List Part 2

On ya bike

A heatwave is coming but it’s certainly not here yet. It’s a tad bracing on the knees. The weeks keep passing without going for a run. So needs must.… On ya bike

Sucks at writing

I’m not a writer I just have little thoughts, but I’m dumb like a cow. Sure can eat them… All I want to do is make changes in my life that’s all.

#Publication: “Family Reunion”

A Celebration of Poetry Deferred In January of 2020, my poem “Family Reunion: Newbury, Vermont” was accepted for publication by the Waterford … #Publication: “Family Reunion”

20 years

A really special tree. All by itself on an exposed little hill. This angle shows the impact of a few too many storms and a couple of direct lightning… 20 years

Line(s) of the Day #TheSimpsons

Okay, so we can’t use the fence. Homer Simpson (Dan Castellaneta) in The Simpsons episode Sideshow Bob’s Last Gleaming. What a character! Line(s) of the Day #TheSimpsons