Racist Country

Originally posted on claytoonz: Republican Senator Tim Scott was chosen to deliver his party’s response to President Joe Biden’s address to Congress.… Racist Country


Billy Osogo I love creating art as much I love consuming it. There’s something surreal about participating in the process of creation. To see the end… ON LIVING AS A CREATIVE

On Work and Money: Part One

By Troy Headrick Earlier this week I read “The Shame that Keeps Us in Our Jobs,” an article by Paul Millerd, one of my LinkedIn contacts.  Millerd’s … On Work and Money: Part One

Happy Memorial Day

I’m taking the day to honor our all soldiers on America’s Memorial Day. Without their sacrifice, where would we be? I tried (again–like last year) to… Happy Memorial Day

5 Things I Hate About Blogging

Things I Hate About Blogging I love blogging- it’s probably one of my favourite things to do apart from reading stuff about history because for some … 5 Things I Hate About Blogging

Research – Love It or Hate It

Hey, SE Readers. Joan with you today.  I have a confession to make. When I first began writing fiction, I hated to do research. I didn’t want to … Research – Love It or Hate It

Viva La Love Revolution!

Before I begin this post, I have a mystery, one when I saw it, I knew was impossible, yet before my very eyes there it was. If anyone can explain the… Viva La Love Revolution!

All Masks Are Off

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m happy about this announcement, I just don’t trust it since, short of asking the mask-less to see their vaccination card, … All Masks Are Off