A trick that works

Hi gang, Craig with you again. I’ve been toying with something I think you’ll be interested in. First you get some background. When I started writing… A trick that works

Muted by the Tiny

Sunset is no longer beautifulAs it reminds me of flamesThat wolfed many humans. The smoke of cremationsChanged its radianceEven hues of the sky seem … Muted by the Tiny

Man, am I dreaming?

Let me look at you, before you get undressed. Less is not always more, more is sometimes best. In your tailored attire, adorned with a Guccie tie, … Man, am I dreaming?

Is Self Love Being Selfish? Part 1

Welcome fellow souls to « The Human Family Crash Course Series, » a new project collaborated together by empress2inspire.blog and … Is Self Love Being Selfish? Part 1

the selfish thing about walking away

There is a significant difference between knowing when to walk away, and knowing when you need to stay. To be honest with you, I would consider … the selfish thing about walking away

One Liner Wednesday – Selfish?

Good morning! As we continue to exist in our Covid quarantined life, have you noticed how we are fundamentally changing? Before Covid we wouldn’t … One Liner Wednesday – Selfish?

The Joy of Birds (not directly about words)

It’s been a good bird week. In our yard alone, in addition to the brown-headed cowbirds, chipping sparrows, house finches, downy woodpeckers, hairy … The Joy of Birds (not directly about words)

Elementals #8

Elementals #8 This week I’m sharing a taste of my neighborhood walks. I don’t get out to the state parks much anymore, so I try to get my nature time… Elementals #8

Touch Of Love

This post is a bit different then most here on my blog. While viewing my Gifts from Mother today, I invite you to play the song below, sung by a very… Touch Of Love